Our standard shipping containers can easily be converted into workshops by installing insulation and lining, shelving, electrics, and many other internal and external fittings.

Our converted workshops are tailor-made to the customer’s needs and requirements, providing a workspace that is optimized for maximum productivity.

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With multiple fittings and a number of size containers in stock, we can design, produce and supply a bespoke solution for you. Our extensive range of sizes and modifications will ensure that we can provide the ideal workshop for you.

Workshop sizes range from 6ft to 45ft.

Internal fittings can include: 

  • Insulation and lining
  • Electrics
  • Safety flooring
  • Workbenches
  • Shelving/racking
  • Tool storage
  • Partition walls/internal doors
  • Vents and extractor fans
  • Grafotherm treatments

External fittings can include:

  • Anti-vandal doors and windows
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Repaint

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